The Tomato Stall Logo Design

The Tomato Stall brand design

The Tomato Stall asked us to give their brand design a refresh, to give them a more premium appeal within their developing markets. One of the challenges we faced was that they required a separate logo for Isle of Wight Tomatoes that could be used in conjunction with The Tomato Stall logo, or in isolation. The Isle of Wight Tomatoes logo has been designed in a rosette style, like a seal of quality. This could then be used independently with partnering brands that use Isle of Wight Tomatoes within their own products.

Isle of Wight Tomatoes logo design
The Tomato Stall Packaging Design

"This is the first time in all the years that I have looked at a concept and just thought it was 100% right and delivered exactly what I was hoping it would."

Paul Thomas – Managing Director, The Tomato Stall

Packaging Design

As part of The Tomato Stall brand design ‘toolkit’ we developed a series of repeat patterns that could be used on their packaging design to highlight key ingredients. The patterns incorporate a fresh and bright colour palette to echo the tomatoes themselves. The design needed to retain an existing artisan feel that had been developed over the years. All of the design elements were created as hand drawn elements. This concept can then be built on for future product launches.

The Tomato Stall Roasted tomatoes packaging design
The Tomato Stall Roasted tomatoes packaging design

Photography and Art Direction

Once all of the packaging designs were finalised and printed, we needed to produce a series of product shots to be used on the website. One of the key aims for the shots was to give them an aesthetic that would appeal to a ‘foody’ audience who craved the finest ingredients.

Website Design

A key part of The Tomato Stall brand design was their website. We designed and built a bespoke website to fulfil The Tomato Stall’s specific criteria. Adding content to the site couldn’t be any easier! The shop needed to be part of the site rather than jumping to an external e-commerce system. This can often make a customer feel concerned about security, so it was important that the shopping experience was seamless. The site has also been built to incorporate video content, perfect to show recipe ideas.

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The Tomato Stall Website Design

The Tomato Stall van livery design.

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