Ecoisland logo design

Ecoisland brand design

Ecoisland were a Community Interest Company, who’s aim was to make the Isle of Wight a self sufficient, sustainable place to live. We were delighted to be involved with their vision and brand identity development, right from day one. From the design of their logo and application across advertising, website, posters, brochures and even double decker bus backs.

The logo design combines the word eco into one self contained unit, echoing the hub of a sustainable future strap line.

Ecoisland asked us to design a limited edition T-shirt that could be used for promotions during the IOW Festival. We produced this variation of their eco roundel to tell the story of their vision for the Isle of Wight. It starts with the hand sprinkling seeds into the land, these then grow into a beautifully abundant natural habitat for the community and for the wildlife. The outer circle represents the use of sustainable technology to harness energy from natural sources, wind, sun and tide and nestled amongst all this is the community. The graphic was applied to the front of the t-shirt, with other brand elements and messaging appearing on the back.

Green Deal leaflet design

The Green Deal was a nationwide government initiative designed to encourage a more sustainable way of living. Our headline to the Ecoisland Green Deal advertising campaign was to introduce Ecoisland as the doorway to the Green Deal on the Isle of Wight. We wanted to create an image that would suggest a lovely warm home and give a welcoming appeal. It was on a cold winters night whilst walking home through Cowes and seeing the light shining through front doors, giving off that lovely warm. welcoming glow, that gave us the idea of the door with stained glass. The flower graphic was a perfect icon for Ecoisland and would work great given a stained glass treatment.

Ecoisland Charter design

The Ecoisland flower graphic became a key visual for all of Ecoisland’s marketing.
The idea grew from the message, ‘planting the seeds for the future’.

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