The Tomato Stall pattern design
The Tomato Stall packaging design – Passatas

The Tomato Stall packaging design

We were delighted to be asked by The Tomato Stall to work on their packaging design as part of the whole brand design process. Along with growing their delicious fresh Isle of Wight Tomatoes, they also produce a range of tomato inspired artisanal products. These are sold in farm shops, delis and farmers’ markets throughout the UK. The products needed to work not only in the small boutique suppliers, but also on the shelves of supermarkets. They needed to catch the eye of the serious ‘foodies’ who craved the best tastes. We developed a style that would give them their own unique identity, whilst sitting cohesively as a range.

Isle of Wight Tomatoes logo design

The brief

We were asked to review the design of the packaging for all of The Tomato Stall’s products. This included labels and punnets for their fresh tomatoes. The designs needed to evolve their existing style and develop their appeal within a premium level audience of chefs and food connoisseurs.

The packaging needed to display the Isle of Wight Tomatoes logo in conjunction with The Tomato Stall brand. The Isle of Wight Tomatoes logo acts as a seal to establish the quality of the tomatoes used in creating each product.

The Tomato Stall Roasted tomatoes packaging design

"Over the past 5 years I have worked with several branding agencies and always found the process challenging and always found myself having to contribute and drive the process to get the desired result. With OPCJ, this was the complete opposite."

Paul Thomas – Managing Director, The Tomato Stall

Tomato Sea Salt packaging

Our approach

When beginning any design project for an established brand, our theory is to look carefully at where they are. We then acknowledge what works and what doesn’t work. The things that work should be retained and evolved, rather than disposed of just for the sake of stamping your mark on a design. In the case of The Tomato Stall, there was an artisanal feel thatwas something that they were keen to evolve.

As part of their brand ‘toolkit’ we developed a series of repeat patterns to highlight any key ingredient used along with the tomatoes. All of the designs were created as hand-drawn elements to retain a rustic charm.

Tomato Stall Generic repeat pattern
Tomato Stall Organic repeat pattern
Tomato Stall Sunshine Juice repeat pattern
Tomato Stall Tomato and olive repeat pattern
Tomato Stall Heritage repeat pattern
Tomato Stall Chilli and tomato repeat pattern

Each tomato vignette was designed to be used as a stand-alone element, or as a repeat pattern. The diamond shape plays reference to the shape of the Isle of Wight.

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