Plum Tomatoes packaging design

The Tomato Stall Plum Tomatoes packaging design

The Tomato Stall grows the tastiest tomatoes around, that is a fact. However, not all tomatoes are round! The San Arretino is a large plum tomato, unique in shape and great to cook with. It is also the latest addition to their range of roasted tomatoes.

What do you do when you have grown a large number of fresh tomatoes and then a global pandemic hits? This is exactly what happened for the Tomato Stall. They reacted by slowly roasting them to intensify their flavour. Then, to make them even more delicious they marinated them in basil and garlic, extra virgin olive oil, and a pinch of Sea Salt. We then designed the sleeves to slip over the container, and voila, you have a delightfully tasty product.

large plum tomato
Plum Tomatoes packaging design
Garlic and Basil Plum tomatoes packaging design

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