The Tomato Stall packaging design

The Tomato Stall plastic-free punnet design

When The Tomato Stall asked us to design a new plastic-free fresh tomato punnet for them we were delighted. Not just because it would be a great project to work on, but also because we are passionate about producing designs that are used for environmentally conscious projects and that help to reduce unnecessary plastic waste.

The cellophane wrap that normally houses fresh produce is almost always non-recyclable and ends up In a landfill! The choice to remove the cellophane element completely is a brilliant step forward, but also a bold one as customers like to be able to see the fresh produce at the point of purchase to ensure it all looks good. Our design uses cut out elements on the lid to allow the fruit to breathe and also for customers to be able to see the produce inside.

The punnet is printed on FSC accredited kraft board, to give the packaging a nice rustic aesthetic. The box is then sealed with a label.

You may also be interested to see our work on their tomato leaf fibre punnet here.

The Tomato Stall Packaging Design

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