50/50 marathons

9. Turkey and Tinsel Trot Marathon

1st December 2019

Turkey and tinsel trot

So it’s that time of year when the runs are themed with a Christmas slant. It is the 1st December so that’s fine. Truth be told, it’s slim pickings for marathon distance races this time of year, especially ones that don’t involve a huge amount of travel. The Turkey and Tinsel Trot was literally just out of Portsmouth, in Portchester, so was really easy to get to and meant I didn’t need to stay overnight. Plus I had my support crew of Caroline and Winnie.

This marathon was 12 laps of a 2.something mile route that started outside Portchester castle then headed out along the sea wall and then back through Portchester village and out along another sea wall before heading back towards and around the castle. Then once passed the start/finish line check point, it was off out to do it all again and again and again etc.

Yes it was a nice course and the weather was with us, but it got tedious going along the same route over and over again. The only relief was seeing how people had dressed up for the event in Christmas themed stuff. I opted for a simple elf hat, which was both practical and stylish at the same time!

I’ll be totally honest, I was done with this one 6 laps in, so the remaining 6 were a slog.

Winnie came around with me on the last lap, to let her stretch her legs. She loved it, and it pulled me along as I was slow.

I’m finding my times are getting slower as I do more marathons, I guess the fatigue in the legs is playing a part now.

Great to get this one finished. The medal came in 4 parts, like a Christmas dinner. 3 laps was a soup starter medal, 6 was the main course, Turkey! 9 laps for a Christmas pudding dessert. And finally 12 laps was crackers. But the icing on the cake was that they all fit together to become one big medal. Nice touch.

The race was organised by Rural Running. Nice little event, bit of a fun run as most people didn’t run the full 12 laps. Doing it in a team gave accumulated miles so still got the 4 course medal. Added bonus was the mulled wine and mince pie at the end, not that I had it as I always feel really sick afterwards, but Caroline enjoyed it.

Next week is the 10th marathon, into double figures. This one is the Salisbury Plain Marathon. Fingers crossed for ok weather!!!

If you’d be interested in running the Turkey and Tinsel Trot in the future, take a look at Rural Running Events.

Turkey and tinsel trot
Turkey and tinsel trot


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